Boost the growth of your business

Facing markets in constant mutation, to remain competitive, companies must have their product offer evolving, while adopting business models increasingly innovative.
In order to progress more quickly than others, efforts to furnish are now more important than ever. Thinking out of the box and exploring innovative technologies can prove vital.
How do you boost your business, while staying one step ahead of the competition?
Dynamisez la croissance de votre business

Use artificial intelligence to enhance the performance of your business using subscription

Using artificial intelligence, ZIQY helps you to:

Identify the future ambassadors of your brand

Subscription businesses must invest in the right target areas: in consumers whose CLTV will be better than the others.

Reduce the churn of your
subscription business

Identify customers who are about to unsubscribe in order to relaunch your loyalty commercial campaigns, with a view to reduce churn and improve the subscriber lifetime.
Create ultra-personalised, automated email cycles or a conversational user interface that will meet the needs of all customers, adopting a patient approach.
A 5% increase of retention can generate benefits’ increase of 75%

A 5% increase
of retention can generate benefits’ increase of 75%


Optimise your pricing

By analysing signals to suggest right price, which will be profitable for the retailer and will be accepted by his customers.

Predict consumer preferences

Use artificial intelligence technologies to provide personalised suggestions.