Develop innovative
and efficient

Digital transformation and adaptation to new consumption patterns have become a priority for companies.
Agility, creativity, technological expertise and the ability to develop innovative solutions are all advantages that you will find at ZIQY.
Develop innovative and efficient solutions
Develop innovative and efficient solutions

Offer new consumer experiences

In a booming usage economy, online subscription and rentals services are emerging as the business model of the future.
More and more companies are experimenting with the implementation of a subscription system in order to boost their customer engagement and ensure a fully successful digital transformation.
ZIQY is a team of experts who assist you in the creation of customer experiences that are tailored to your offering and to the needs of your clientele.

Boost the
performance of
your business

We help you to simplify the daily management of your subscriber base and your subscription offers as much as possible, allowing you to concentrate on your acquisition challenges and on generating customer loyalty.
Boost the performance of your business
A French company

A French company

ZIQY is perfectly positioned to help you overcome the complexities of French legislation and to develop your clientele on a national and international scale.
Member of French Tech

Member of French Tech

A network of resources and a host of players and initiatives aiming to encourage meetings, synergies, innovation and the development of companies.
Recognised within the market

Recognised within the market

More than 150 clients already trust ZIQY with their subscription business, including leading players within their respective markets: Procter & Gamble, Aufeminin, Eram Group…
To integrate “Direct-to-Consumer” and subscriptions into your business model is to switch:

Respond to new brand challenges

Intégrer le
et l’abonnement à son business model c’est passer :

From a transactional model – to a relational model

From an acquisition-oriented model – to a loyalty-based model

From a short-term profit model – to a long-term model

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The increase in the power of the subscription business model

For a long time confined to the press, telecommunication and then online media,, nowadays there are few sectors that can escape the rise of subscriptions as an economic model, and borders are constantly being pushed back.

The increase in the power of the subscription business model