Experiment with
new ways of

Boosted by the emergence of new consumption habits and environmental awareness, we are witnessing a real economic revolution.


Responsible and collaborative consumption are trends that must be part of the DNA of brands in order to win over and retain new customers.


changes, what about you?

ZIQY helps companies integrate new consumption patterns into their business model, while maintaining long-term profitability and growth goals.


Retail Challenge:
transform the supply of goods into an offer of services

Today, the consumer is more focused on the use of property than on property.


Instead of selling products conventionally, offer the product as a service and best meet your customers’ needs.

The new business model
for today’s world.


Personalize your offers

Meet your customers’ needs in a personalized way, allowing them to focus on their core business.


Loyalty to your customers

Build a lasting relationship
and multiply the contact points
with your customers.


Innovate faster

Be closer to your customers and better identify their needs, so you can innovate faster.

Why choose the rental?


  • Opportunity to experiment and test a product
  • Tackling the “storage” of products
  • Tackling overconsumption.


  • Reuse increases profits

    by reducing the costs of materials

    and energy.

  • Reducing

    negative environmental impacts.



  • To be able to better meet consumer expectations in terms of responsibility and ecology.

  • Benefit from a recurring payment system that allows customers to retain loyalty and have a financial projection.

ZIQY Rental

ZIQY helps you define, build and

implement your rental offer.


With the Subscription program
Thinking, ZIQY helps you set the target
supply, as well as to determine the KPIs.


ZIQY helps you optimize a product’s lifecycle by focusing on the user-centric approach.


Creating a rental offer

Being able to better meet expectations
consumers in terms of responsibility and ecology.

Platform configuration
ZIQY rental

Our powerful platform

enables shipping management, tracking,
reception management and analytics.

Customer-centric approach

ZIQY lets you deliver a user-centric design, offering an experience
unique and one-way custom ergonomics at every step of the rental process.


Offer a unique customer experience

Starting a rental offer

On the website

Custom experience on the website, offering the customer the opportunity to choose his offer, determine his preferences and proceed with payment.


Personalised in-store experience, allowing you to have dedicated advisors, in order to provide necessary information and start renting directly in store. Payment can be made directly in-store.


Intuitive interface of rental management, allowing to establish a strong relationship with customers and customize their experience.


Product return tailored to customers' needs: in the store, in a dedicated pop-up store, by parcel.


The possibility of buying back a product at the end of the rental period at a preferential price.