Benefit from a powerful subscription management interface

Segment your database according to the criteria of your choice in order to acquire an overview of your subscriptions  
Quickly analyse the status of payments and expiring subscriptions, as well as their changes in status
Easily export your database to your emailing solution

Nos fonctionnalités
Nos fonctionnalités
Faites connaissance avec chacun de vos abonnés

Get to know each of your subscribers

Easily access your subscriber’s files, the payment status, deliveries and usage


Adjust the personal information and settings for your subscribers in utter simplicity: Mark a maturity as paid, refund a maturity, change the usage status, add optional services)


Find out the customer’s order history, along with his key figures. 

Modifiez les dates de facturation des nouvelles échéances ou déclenchez-les manuellement.
Change the billing dates of new maturities or trigger them manually.
Offer your subscribers the ability to change the information associated with their subscription, as well as their methods of payment.


ZIQY allows you to create as many subscription offers as you want

Configure as many subscription offers as you want, with a variety of billing models (fixed, usage-based etc.) and different billing frequencies.
Our various billing scenarios allow you to create the custom subscription offer that best suits your needs.

ZIQY vous permet de créer autant d’offres d’abonnement que vous voulez
Check out our billing models here
Personnalisez et automatisez vos campagnes d’emailings


Customise and automate your
emailing campaigns

Benefit from an intelligent marketing automation system based on segmentation and marketing triggers.

More than 50 scenarios and conversion funnels available, in order to strengthen your customer relations, improve conversion rates, reduce the churn and improve your customer lifetime value.

Synchronise your database with your email marketing platform.

Upsell & ADD-on



Offer additional options (add-ons) to create added value and generate customer loyalty.

Add-ons can be included in a subscription when it is being created or modified, proposing several billing options available : inclusive, unit price etc.

Upsell & Cross-sell

Upsell & Cross-sell

Showcase your products and services by means of upselling and cross-selling.
Boost both your revenue and your customers’ purchase experience with additional products and services that are tailored to their preferences.


Trial offers

Attract new customers by allowing them to test your products and services without any commitment.
Offer a tailored experience to your users, by configuring trial offers for your products and services.
Maximise conversion thanks to automated emails, in order to retain your customers at the end of their trial period.

Offre d’essai


Discount vouchers

Boostez vos ventes grâce à des offres promotionnelles vous permettant de générer de nouvelles acquisitions et de favoriser l’upselling et le cross-selling.


Let people talk about you, by creating a attractive rewards program that turns your subscribers into ambassadors.

Loyalty programme

Offer your subscribers rewards for each euro spent.