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ZIQY is the reference for your e commerce subscription business. We’ve been immediately seduced by the solution : a very complete managing tool and a customized back office. The team is reactive, reliable and a great listener. ZIQY also create a strong ecosystem to help us maximize our growth.
Anne-Sophie Berrebi / Les petites cocottes

After 2 years, our website wasn’t adapted anymore and the management of our subscribers was complicated. The migration from the old platform to the new one has been perfectly handled. Our conversion rate has raised around 2 points and the workload dedicated to after sale service and logistics has been drastically reduced. We can now focus on our core business.
Caroline Sicot / Tiniloo

It is a huge project to create a box dedicated to be distributed all over the world. ZIQY immediately seduced us for its global offer adapted to the box subscription business. Our website was created very quickly : simple and offering a great experience to our subscribers. We’ll see the results in a few months but we already send our boxes in more than 40 countries.
Estelle Ballot / Bleu blanc box

Only 2 months to set up Beautiful Box with ZIQY! We can focus our effort on acquisition while ZIQY handles perfectly our subscriptions. We achieved a growth of 230% during the first semester of 2016 and we are ready to launch Beautiful Box in Spain and Italy.
Benjamin Smadja / Beautiful box

The workload dedicated to after sale service has been reduced of 10 minutes per customer since we use ZIQY. We like the new features released regularly (gift card, loyalty program, sponsorship). The solution is very reliable and the team knows how to work efficiently.
Julien Radic / La bonne box

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