Feature of the month : the gift card


Discover every month one of the flagship features of ZIQY, the practical, reliable and innovative solution of subscription management. It’s the gift card which we celebrate today. As well as being an excellent promotional tool, we thought that it might interest more than one of you in the approach to the festive season.

The gift card module: powerful promotional tool for your subscription business

It is the ideal promotional support for your customers. It reliably secures a double advantage:

1. a reliable tool to increase your sales

2. the best choice of gift to offer the consumer

Strategically featured on your website, this tool encourages the customer who has been satisfied with the service or product they have received to offer it to someone they know. It is therefore an effective tool for simply spreading awareness of your brand.

Discover the promotion module of Designer Box

The ZIQY gift card module: a simple and effective management for optimizing the experience of your subscribers

The principle of ZIQY solution’s gift card module is simple

> Step 1 : Your visitors choose the offer which they want to offer: 1, 3, 6, 8, 12 months…

> Step 2 : Your visitors choose the address to which they want the subscription to be delivered

> Step 3 : Your visitors have the choice of receiving the gift card by email or sending it directly by email with a personalised message

> Step 4 : The order is placed and appears in your back office

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