Best boxes to offer for christmas


Christmas party is coming ! Time to think about the gifts you’re going to make. Discover our selection of the best boxes to offer for christmas.

The flower box from Monsieur Marguerite

A new bouquet of flowers every month wherever you want !

Discover Monsieur Marguerite now

The jewellery box from Emma & Chloé

A beautiful jewellery from a french creator every month.

Discover Emma & Chloé now

The beauty box from Nuoo

A selection of organic cosmectics, customized to your profile.

Discover Nuoo now

The tasty box from Kitchen Trotter

Every month a selection of new culinary specialties from a new country.

Discover Kitchen Trotter now

The cute box from Milky box

Playful activities every month to share nice moments parents/kids.

Discover My Milky box now

The beautiful box from Designer box

A unique design piece in a beautiful wooden.

Discover Designer Box now

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