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Effective packaging that makes an impact

Par 23/11/2016October 31st, 2019Aucun commentaire

The ZIQY experts, the ultimate subscription management solution, today help you to create your packaging. Product packaging plays an important part in the marketing and communication strategy of your box. It should actually encourage buying. The shape of your packaging is developed to highlight your offer and attract your customers. It must also be designed so that it can be immediately identified by your customers and prospective customers.

Step 1: define the visual identity of your box

The combination of shapes, colors, logos and illustrations forms the basis that defines the identity of your subscription offer. This is imprinted in our brains over the years, to such a point that with a single glance we can identify the brand and its offer.

For example Birchbox and Le petit Ballon: their design is now known and recognized, by both subscribers and non-subscribers.

This is the challenge that awaits you and which we are going to try and meet together. To do this, take a look at our article to learn how to create a visual identity that makes an impact. Take a look at the steps involved in building the packaging of major brands.

Step 2: the packaging, an integral element of your box

It seems that the content is as important as the container!

This applies specifically to the business box. It is not actually unusual for your subscribers to keep the boxes in which the products are sent to them.

Many box designers are aware of this and now play on this dimension by putting in place a personalized box system according to the monthly box and its theme. Admittedly this involves a higher cost for you, but this packaging will also form part of your strategy to ensure customer loyalty and it is therefore important for you to measure your ROI.

Get inspired with the packaging strategy of My Little Box

In short, you need to design your packaging so that it is:

  • a formidable differentiation tool
  • an essential communication driver
  • a strategic sales tool.

Consider that your box must become the extension in its own right of your brand and that it is an integral element of your strategy to ensure customer loyalty.