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Build the perfect subscription offer with ZIQY

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ZIQY presents the key points to be taken into account during the construction of your subscription offer. Defining your product offering or subscription service is an essential part of your success.

The challenge will be to keep your product promise so as not to disappoint your customer base but to obtain their loyalty. The challenge is therefore considerable because it is from the satisfaction of your customers that the growth of your subscription business will come.

Create the perfect subscription offer, step 1: the added value of your offer

While providing something different, you must remain faithful to the initial positioning given to your product. To do this, it is imperative to define a clear and precise positioning.

Your positioning corresponds to the precise identification of your box. What makes it unique and allows it to be different from your competitors.

Take the example of GlossyBox and Birchbox. Although they are both dedicated to beauty, they have a precise positioning which enables them to attract different kinds of customers.

To clearly define the added value of your box offer, here are the essential questions that you must ask:

● Who are my main competitors? What is their positioning?

● Who are my target customers?

● Are they part of a specific community?

● What is your added value?

Bear in mind that it is important that your offer corresponds to the positioning which you defined. Your customers will only be more satisfied with it and you will then find it easier to obtain their loyalty.

To learn how to clearly define your positioning and the added value of your offer, click here

Create the perfect subscription offer, step 2 : combine variety, aesthetics and quality

Be aware that even if you respond to your consumers’ expectations and you innovate, you will always be faced with dissatisfied customers.

As well as offering a selection of ever innovative products or an irreproachable quality of service throughout your customers’ experience, you must take into account the aesthetics of your box itself. The box must be seen as an element of the product in its own right.

We will note here the example of Designer Box who every month send their customers a box which becomes a decorative feature in its own right.

Good questions to ask and to ask your customers in order to guarantee the highest satisfaction throughout their experience.

  • Is the consumer completely satisfied with their subscription. The sense of completeness is an excellent way to obtain the loyalty of your customers.
  • What do they think of the quality of the products or their subscription services: quality approach is another large component of your customers’ satisfaction.
  • Do you have a sufficiently varied range of products or services ? Nothing worse than receiving seven variants of the same product or being frustrated by a lot of features. It is important that the products included in a box are unique to each shipment. And that the features related to a service are sufficiently varied and adapted to the needs of your customers.

Remember that your offer of a subscription to a product or a service must be an experience in itself.