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Subscription, data and growth

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You don’t yet know it, but you have everything you need to develop your customer knowledge and maximise your growth. Today we explain why it is now essential to analyse the data that you collect from your subscribers. And how you can make the most of it in order to deliver an ever stronger subscriber experience that secures customer loyalty. Customer knowledge is now at the centre of your differentiation strategy.

Customer knowledge, an integral driver of growth

Did you know that placed at the centre of a Customer Marketing strategy, the use of customer data opens up considerable development opportunities for businesses, going as far as an increase in the ROI of 15 to 20%?

The question therefore no longer arises. You need to reflect on the initiatives to be implemented to collect a maximum amount of quality data on your customers and prospective customers. Regarding both the knowledge and personalized relationship, the intelligent use of the subscriber database leads to an increase in the frequency of transactions and a decrease in the churn rate. A genuine productivity tool, CRM thus makes it possible for businesses and their marketing teams to improve quality and efficiency.

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How do you collect a maximum amount of quality data?

With the explosion of available data (90% of existing data worldwide has been created in the last two years), this search for customer knowledge becomes a complex path: transaction data, browsing data, usage data, semantic data from conversations on social networks etc. The explosion in the volume of data related to the growing number of contact points makes its analysis difficult:

  • How do you connect these touchpoints and take into account the entirety of your subscribers’ paths?
  • How do you reconcile on and off line interactions to build up a unique client data repository?
  • How do you add the concept of real time?

You need to anticipate the responses to these questions before even launching your subscription business with the aim of developing a complete customer knowledge base, which you can effectively use to develop your subscription offer and maximise your growth. The issues surrounding smart data (intelligent and relevant data creating value) are now key.

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How do you best use the data collected from your subscribers?

Sharing information is at the centre of the efficient use of your data. Once you have selected the data that you wish to collect, you will need to analyse it… and then use it!

But how can you be sure of best using the data collected and of not missing valuable information for the development of your subscription business?

The key to success can be summed up in one word: SHARE

Select a few people from your company, representatives of various departments (commercial, marketing, etc.) and regularly meet around a table in order to analyse together the information collected on your subscribers: you will thus be more efficient in making the best use of it and in developing your offer in the right direction.

Meticulousness is required for this task which can sometimes seem tedious; but take the time and you will fairly quickly see your efforts rewarded and in which direction to go to satisfy your subscribers and deliver an impressive user experience that ensures customer loyalty.