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Subscription dictionary by ZIQY

Par 09/11/2016October 31st, 2019Aucun commentaire

The subscription expert ZIQY presents its subscription dictionary. The unavoidable support to understand the subscription business.

  • ACQUISITION COST : the cost of customer acquisition (CAC) means the price to pay to acquire a new customer.
  • AFFILIATION : In electronic commerce, means of achieving greater market penetration through websites who target specific groups of internet users.
  • ARPU (average revenue per user) : Average revenue per user is defined as the total revenue divided by the number of subscribers.
  • ATTRIBUTES : categorize your products according to their criterias ( size, colour, etc.)
  • AVERAGE BASKET: it measures the average amount spent by a customer on your website.
  • BACK / BACK END / BACK OFFICE : the invisible part of your website; where you manage everything.
  • BOX RANGE : correspond to the duration of the subscription.
  • CANCELED SUBSCRIPTION : subscription canceled by the user or the supplier.
  • CANCELLATION : means that the subscription ends at a given date.
  • CATALOGUE: your catalogue lists your offer of products and services. It includes your products and their attributes, categories and features.
  • CATEGORY : it’s like a file on your computer. It allows you to order the products or services proposed in your catalogue.
  • CHURN : amount of subscribers who cut ties with your product or service during a given time period.
  • CONVERSION RATE : percentage of visitors who take a desired action on your website. The best example is the percentage of website visitors who buy something on the site.
  • CRM : means Customer Relationship Management. It is all about marketing and after sales service actions to optimize the quality of your customer relationship. It also helps you to develop your customer loyalty and maximize the growth of your subscription business.
  • CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE : that metric represents the total net profit a company makes from any given customer during a given time period. It is an important metric for you to determine how much money you want to spend on acquiring new customers.
  • DECLINATION : your product is available in your catalogue in various versions (size S, M, L)
  • DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) : it is a measure on the average number of days that a company takes to collect revenue after a sale has been made.
  • ESHOP : all the references sold on your website.
  • FRONT / FRONT OFFICE : the part of your website seen by users.
  • GIFT CARD : The gift card is a powerful promotion tool. It is a prepaid stored-value money card.
  • PAYMENT DEADLINE : due date for the payment of your subscription.
  • SUBSCRIPTION DEADLINE : due date for the end of your subscription.
  • MRR (Monthly Recurring revenue) : amount of revenues generated by your company from recurring revenues in a given month.
  • REBILL : it means that at the end of the period you have paid for, you will be automatically charged again for the next period.
  • REFERENTIAL : it includes the total of the elements your logistician need in order to manage your orders (product reference, product name, etc.)
  • SUBSCRIPTION : purchase made by signed order, as for a periodical or a specified period of time or for a series of performances.
  • SUSPENDED SUBSCRIPTION : subscription suspended by the user or the supplier.
  • TICKET : message sent to your after sale service or technical support.