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Recruit easily new subscribers with ZIQY

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ZIQY, the subscription business expert, present you today 5 key strategic priorities that are required to develop an efficient client acquisition strategy. You may well have the right product and service, the right offering and the right price. But in order to succeed, you need to make sure it is promoted to the right target audience and via the right channel. We can help you to find the way to launch your subscription business in an efficient manner and entice new visitors, converting them into consumers of your product or service.

Subscribers acquisition, step 1 : exploit social networks

A good start is key to the launch of your subscription e-commerce business. There is nothing more important than being able to reap the benefits of precious positive comments from your clients right from the very launch. Nowadays, word of mouth is deemed to be the most efficient way of promoting your offering at low cost. The comments from your clients will also enable you to identify priority areas for improvement. So you can maximise client satisfaction and therefore increase your conversion rate.

How do you create a buzz campaign in order to promote the launch of your subscription business in an efficient manner?Make the most of social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin… Nowadays, social networks have been transformed into complete communication tools, providing you with precious information about your target audience.
Tip: think about publishing your offering on Google+ with the aim of maximising your search engine optimisation.

Working in a pro-active manner to grow your audience on the various social networks will help you to increase the visibility of your subscription business. And implement a sense of reciprocity in the various exchanges of information, shares and recommendations from the different communities.

Tip: make sure that you include clear and distinct calls for action in your various publications which will help you start developing your database.

Subscribers acquisition, step 2 : bloggers, vloggers and key influencers

Key influencers or bloggers such as Gerry Moran or Noholita are an excellent way of getting in touch with targeted communities that are both large in size and committed.

You will of course need to put a small budget aside in order for these key influencers to talk about your product or service. But most brands have now realized that key influencers were a very strong factor in establishing commitment.

Bear in mind that it is important to choose key influencers in relation to your product or service.It is essential to develop a strong relationship with them as they may also become a real source of inspiration as regards the development of your offering.

Subscribers acquisition, step 3 : monthly promotions

Offering convincing benefits to consumers at the launch of your product or service is a great way to start attracting subscribers.

If we take the example of the major players in the sector, such as Birchbox, Spotify or even Netflix : each of them had a specific launch offering, such as free shipping, first month’s subscription free of charge in order to test the product and service, welcome gifts… Once you have acquired your first subscribers, you will need to learn how to retain them by offering special promotions tailored to their profile.

We recommend you make the most of social networks in order to propose targeted promotions tailored to your target audience. As an example, you can create specific promotional codes for each network. This will also allow you to monitor your promotional campaigns and measure their efficiency compared to each other.

Think about sharing attractive content and visual aids. This may of course seem a logical step, but all too often we see promotional campaigns that are accompanied by unsuitable visual aids. In addition to helping you attract new subscribers, this will also enable you to increase brand awareness.

Click here to view a selection of successful promotional campaigns

Subscribers acquisition, step 4: competitions and gifts

People are of course human beings.Gifts are still an excellent way of establishing a strong commitment to your brand and attracting new subscribers.You can also develop a partnership with a brand that will provide you a choice of items to offer to your community.

The added value of such a strategy is all about killing two birds with one stone by also getting in touch with the community of the brand that you are associated with.You can also benefit from the communication channels for your own brand as well as the channels for the partner brand. You could come up with a special competition for the launch of your subscription, followed by other competitions during the course of the year.

This is an excellent way of attracting subscribers over the long-term whilst also leaving a lasting positive impact within your community’s mindset. This will also help you to start creating a base narrative for your storytelling strategy.

Tip: remember to encourage sharing in your sales pitch with the aim of maximising your operational reach.


Subscribers acquisition : qualitative content

Content has much more value in a client acquisition strategy than you might imagine.There are a number of rules to follow as regards the creation of content. But generally speaking it is a case of simply remembering to create simple content that helps to showcase your product or service. Don’t hesitate to give a voice to your subscribers in your content strategy; these individuals are of course the best ambassadors for your brand.

This content is extremely precious as it will become a way of directing traffic to your website. And traffic means new clients of course.


Over the course of time, this will help you to develop a solid content base, regularly attracting new visitors to your website and maximizing their user experience. Thus resulting in greater commitment to your brand and more subscribers in the short to medium-term.