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How to define a high impact visual identity ?

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ZIQY, the subscription expert, will be with you throughout the process of creating your subscription business. Discover the key steps to defining a strong visual identity that will make your brand well-known.The design process does not need to be overly complex. It is about being methodical and knowing how to anticipate what could happen. Learn to think about your brand’s image, your packaging and your different communication tools.

Did you know that more than 50% of consumers base their decision solely on the aesthetic appearance of your offering?

The process of defining your visual image is therefore essential for recruiting and retaining your clients.

Defining a strong visual image for your subscription business, step 1: analysis and identification of your targets

First of all, you need to clearly define your position and analyse your competitors’ visual images. Next, reflect on the type of image you would like to have. Fun? Corporate? Quirky? Bold? Lastly, keep in mind the targets you need to meet to create a suitable visual image.

Define a strong visual image for your subscription business, step 2: defining the graphic charter

The main elements of your brand’s graphic identity are:

  • the logo: your brand’s symbol. It must be clever, inspiring and versatile (tailored to as many communication tools as possible)
  • the graphic charter: fonts, the use of graphic elements, colour schemes for the communication tools, the reasons for choosing images and illustrations…

Try to anticipate these elements and their variations as much as possible so that you can be responsive when showcasing your brand on different platforms.

Discover examples of graphic charters

Define a strong visual image for your subscription business, step 3: choosing communication tools

You need to adapt your graphic charter for your different communication tools, both print and web.

  • Website: your website is your sales tool. It is essential that it is adapted to new internet user navigation standards
  • Social networks
  • Newsletters
  • Case studies
  • Business cards
  • Sales brochure

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> Tip : think about adding contact information and your social network URLs to you communication tools and packing to encourage clients to connect with you and join your communities.