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What about customer feedback to make your subscribers’ database bigger ?

Par 30/03/2017October 30th, 2019Aucun commentaire

The subscription expert ZIQY is back with a new series of articles to help you to grow your subscription business. Let’s look at the importance of client feedback to grow your subscriber base.

Good news: you’ve launched your subscription business and have an initial subscriber base! Some are satisfied with the service while others are less so, leading them to unsubscribe…

Did you know that your subscribers are the easiest and cheapest way to develop your service and to reduce your churn rate?

5 good reasons to collect client feedback

  • Measure your subscribers’ satisfaction: with simple questions about the price of your service or the quality of the product/service, for example.
  • Easily improve your subscription service : the way in which a company listens (or not!) to its clients is often the main reason for its success or failure.
  • Enhance your subscriber experience : by developing a digital interface which more closely matches their expectations, with content and advice.
  • Maximise subscriber loyalty: by listening to them, you will better understand what motivates to buy your product/service. You will be able to set up targeted communication.
  • Improve your sales process:review at what point of your purchasing funnel you lose the most subscribers – this will allow you to correct this and increase your conversion rate.

How to implement a client feedback tool

Taking your customers’ feedback into account may seem like a tedious task but it’s not, in fact! There are plenty of tools at your disposal today to help you optimise the management of your client feedback.

Learn how to use and optimize your customer feedback with Business Insider