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What about storytelling to make your subscribers’ database grows ?

Par 30/03/2017October 30th, 2019Aucun commentaire

The subscription expert ZIQY is back with a new series of articles to help you to grow your subscription business. Let’s have a look at storytelling this week.

What if you learned how to tell your subscribers a story?

Today, it’s an essential part of your loyalty strategy. It’s the central part of your communication and must make your subscribers want to stay connected to your brand. Good storytelling will allow you to create a strong sympathy capital for your brand.

3 good reasons to implement a storytelling strategy

  • to stand out from competitors with a customized editorial approach
  • to boost your visibility by responding in a unique and easily identifiable way
  • to help to retain your subscribers by making them want to know more about your brand’s continued adventures

Brands like Michel & Augustin, Innocent, Oasis and Oreo excel when it comes to storytelling.

5 tricks to implementing an appropriate and effective storytelling strategy

  • precisely identify the target of your storytelling strategy
  • tell a story in keeping with your brand’s values
  • determine unique and easily identifiable characters
  • identify the emotions you want to convey, along with their consequences
  • include your target audience’s reactions to write the rest of your story

Keep in mind that a good storytelling strategy will allow you to acquire new subscribers while retaining your current subscribers. More so if you invite the latter to write and develop your story.