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Why incorporate a subscription offer into your marketing mix?

Par 19/01/2017October 30th, 2019Aucun commentaire

The subscription economy is up and running! We are moving from an acquisition economy to a functional economy. Consequently, traditional and ecommerce companies must shift their attention to the future of consumption and adapt their business model to their customers’ new expectations: simplicity, freedom and personalization. The subscription business model is perfectly suited to these expectations and this model should be part of your marketing strategy.

Subscription as a source of freedom for your customers

It may seem paradoxical, but subscribing to a product or service definitely simplifies your customers’ lives and therefore gives them more freedom. Let’s take a very simple example: every week I have to go to the supermarket and buy my pack of water, detergent or coffee. I waste time when I could simply subscribe to the brand in question, which would deliver the products I request depending on my needs. Krys even offers glasses subscriptions which allow you to look after and change your glasses. When a brand makes a customer’s everyday life easier, they become much more loyal and receptive to the messages conveyed by it.

Ecommerce : subscription to meet your customers’ desire for a personalized offer

The tendency to personalize is not new. In fact, today it has become the norm. Most brands, whether e-commerce, m-commerce or traditional commerce, now incorporate a personalized product or service offer.

Subscription, an essential element in your marketing mix

The price and range are no longer the only variables in your pricing policy. It is now important to look at the bigger picture in order to win over or win back your customers and ensure they remain captive and loyal to your product or service. It is becoming increasingly easy to create your own company, making competition even fiercer. Subscription is becoming a business model that is more than sustainable for your company.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not develop your product or service offer using subscriptions? Do not hesitate to contact the ZIQY team for more information on our turnkey subscription management solution: