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ZIQY helps companies to transform their business model

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1 million euros to help traditional companies ecommerce companies to implement effective subscription management systems. ZIQY is a Paris-based French start-up created in February 2016 by David Azoulay, a 34-year old entrepreneur, expert in the issues surrounding e-commerce and subscriptions.


In a fast-growing functional economy, where ecommerce, online subscriptions and the leasing of services are the new economic models, the implementation of effective subscription management systems is a strategic concern when it comes to transformation and customer engagement.


During an initial funding round, start-up ZIQY raised 1 million euros in capital from BPI and News Invest.This capital will allow the company to build on its solid growth initiated in 2016 (50 customers signed), by investing, in particular, in R&D and recruitment.


“We believed in ZIQY right from the beginning: led by a dynamic team of experts, ZIQY proposes a comprehensive, affordable and intuitive solution for companies facing subscription management issues or which simply want to develop their business using subscriptions.” Stéphane Moity, News Invest


ZIQY is developing a turnkey subscription management platform for all companies facing subscription management issues or which simply want to create their own subscription service.


The ZIQY solution fulfills two objectives:


· Assisting companies with the transformation of their business model by helping them to propose subscription offers which meet their customers’ expectations.

· Simplifying the everyday management of subscriptions as much as possible so that companies can focus on their customer acquisition and loyalty building issues.


“The ZIQY solution was created to meet a growing demand from our customers and in response to the issues companies face today when it comes to transforming their business models in order to better meet their customers’ needs.” David Azoulay, Founder


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